• Automation

    Process, Sub-station Automation

  • Safety & HAZOP Studies

    Risk Assessment, Risk Analysis, HAZOP

  • Electrical & Power Engineering

    Design, Installation and Maintenance – Electrical, Solar and Wind

  • Fire Detection & Suppression

    Fire Alarms, CO2, FM-200

  • HVAC

    Design, Installation and Preventive Maintenance

  • Mechanical

    Valve Sealing, Hydraulic Bolting/Torqueing

  • Service & Repair

    Service and repair of electronic boards and equipment

About Aztec Services WLL

Managed by a team of engineers with several decades of experience in major corporations such as Saudi Aramco, Saudi Telecom, Caltex Oil Refining etc., Aztec Services provides engineering, maintenance and support services in the fields of Automation, Risk Assessment, Electrical & Power, Fire & Safety, HVAC and Mechanical.
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015
  • Leading Service Provider

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